Veere Di Wedding

There were Friends, then came Bros and now it’s time for Veere.

Veere Di Wedding is an out and out Entertainer. Quirky Jokes, comical characters, cuss words, swearing, sex talks, alcohol and an interwoven life story of four crazy girls. Presenting here the review of Veere Di Wedding.

Veere Di Wedding is the story of four childhood friends Kalindi, Avni, Sakshi and Meera. All hails from the wealthy, rich families of Delhi. All have different opinions, understanding and ambitions in their life. Movie starts with the last day of their junior college. As it is the last day of their union, they discuss their future plans. Avni wants to study law at Symbiosis Pune and her boyfriend is also there. Sakshi wants to get married. Meera is dependent on her elder’s decision. Kalindi wants to study.

After ten years, Kalindi is at a beach carnival in Australia where her boyfriend Rishabh proposes her for marriage. Being a commitment phobic, because of the divorce of her parents and fights witnessed by her in her family. She believes that she cannot adjust and be a part of a family. So she gets anxious but as she loves her boyfriend, she accepts his proposal. Kalindi and Rishabh both inform and announce their wedding to their family and friends. All four friends are excited for their reunion at the wedding.

Sakshi being the super spoiled girl, is going to get divorced and her husband is blackmailing her for something. She’s also constantly nagged by her relatives and neighbours because of this.

Avni is a family lawyer at tees hazari, district court in Delhi. She’s single and desperate to have sex now and her mother is eager to get her married.

Meera married a white guy, John without the consent of her parents especially her bade Papa (father’s elder brother). They disapprove her choice and alienate her from the family. She now has a baby of two years named Kabir.

All four with these problems at their core reunite for the wedding. Wedding functions starts now and after some more rituals and functions the day of engagement of Kalindi arrives. Everyone is enjoying and having a blast at the engagement. But Kalindi is anxious as her fiance and her veere, none of them is accompanying her at the stage. Suddenly in between the ring ceremony an accident occurs. Rishabh gets unconscious and Kalindi lefts the function venue without informing anyone….What will happen now?? Where’s Kalindi gone?? What happened during the ring ceremony?? Where were Avni, Sakshi and Meera during ring ceremony?? How will Rishabh react to this?? Will Veere Di Wedding happen now?? To quench the throat of your mind, go and watch Veere Di Wedding in a theatre near you.

Screenplay of the movie is fantastic, each story is different and interwoven with minute details. There’s answer to each and every question in the movie. Dialouges and characters are quirky, corny and funny.


Shashanka Ghosh is the director of this entertaining flick. He beautifully captured the essence of the story and characters in it. He has shown the contemporary happenings of rich, upbeat and high spirited society. Full marks to the director for making an out and out Entertainer.


Shashwat Sachdev and Vishal Mishra composed the music of Veere Di Wedding. Pappi le loon is a peppy number and Veere is the anthem of the movie. Aa jao na is a beautiful song of this movie sung by Arijit Singh. Laaj sharam is Punjabi beat song. Tareefan is the most popular song of the album. Dagmag dagmag, Bass gira de raja and Bhangra ta Sajda are also in the album. Music of the movie is popular but it seems to break the flow of the movie.


Kareena Kapoor Khan excels the role of Kalindi which is the central character of the movie. Her acting reminded me of Jab We Met. She beautifully potrayed the indecisiveness, anxiety of the character. Not best but one of the memorable performance by Kareena. Swara Bhaskar as Sakshi Soni is convincing. Previously she had done non glamorous, girl next door roles but she had given everyone run for their money in the role of ultra modern, carefree, spoiled, uptown girl in this movie. Shikha Talsania as Meera is lovable. She seems funny and beautiful in her role. Good job. Sonam Kapoor as Avni is the weakest link in all. She looks dumb on screen. In my view, her role was not clearly written. Sumit Vyas as Rishabh is getting typecast in such roles of loving, caring, matured, unterstanding guy. He is a potential actor but he should try something new. We had already seen him on web in such roles. Alka Kaushal, Vivek Mushran, Neena Gupta, Ekavali Khanna, Kamlesh Gill, Anjum Rajbali and Manoj Pahwa are in supporting cast and makes the film convincing.

My Verdict and Views

If you are getting bored and depressed, go for the ultimate entertainer. You will definitely laugh and enjoy. Not a must watch but can watch for entertainment and new genre in Indian Cinema. The Movie is good but it had so many cuss words which seems over to me. There wasn’t the need of too many cuss words in dialouges. Female audience will love the movie because they desire to be as frank and carefree in some world as the lead characters of the movie. It gives them the feeling of being independent and free as the males of our society where they can openly talk about sex, drink alcohol and can scold. But if you are from a generation old, please don’t go coz it may offend you to extreme. This movie defines the friendship in a new way where you are an individual and you allow your friends to be in their zone without interfering in their matters. You just be friends and get happy in happiness of your friends. Just enjoy the bonding and bitching. Though I don’t relate with such kind of friendship.

Share your views and love on this blog. Till then enjoy the trailer of Veere Di Wedding.

Courtsey- YouTube.


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